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Under the Same Sky

International Association for Intercultural Education - IAIE

Tune in and enjoy an intercultural journal by listening to honest and inspiring conversations about issues relating to diversity, inclusion and social justice. Under the Same Sky provides insight into societal diversity and the perspectives people have who have undertaken intercultural journeys, as well as the perspectives of experts. The conversations with newcomers and those involved in intercultural relations are full of impressive stories and experiences, while those with experts provide critical insight into the challenges and promises of a moving towards more equity, both in education and society. The first Under the Same Sky episodes were co-created by the Value Creators team, Lia Andras, Emma Fuchs, Marie Endebrock and Eva Horstick from Windesheim Honours College, together with the International Association for Intercultural Education (IAIE). Later episodes were created by the IAIE. Further information can be found on the IAIE website (www.iaie.org) and Facebook page. For inquiries, reviews or personal sharing don't hesitate to contact us: info@iaie.org